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I can't imagine conducting a search without Pile's partnership.
Senior Vice President,
Brand Communications

I don't know that Fruit of the Loom could have conducted an effective agency search without Pile and Company's guidance. Our ultimate goal was to find the agency partner best equipped to align with our brand needs and objectives, challenge us when our thinking becomes narrow, and share in the realities of the day-to-day business.

The search process can become emotional and overly subjective without a clear, consistent approach. Pile's knowledge and experience helped deliver a fair review that ultimately led us to the best solution for our needs. They required both the client and agency candidates to adhere to a high standard of information exchange, ensuring a clear understanding of expectations and capabilities for all parties.

Pile helped us easily sort requirements into ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves.’
Content Manager

Thanks to the assistance of Pile and Company, athenahealth was able to find a new digital agency in record time, using a highly organized and objective process. Pile’s experience in running hundreds of agency searches benefited us from the very beginning and kept us on track throughout the 10-week process.

To arrive at the appropriate agency selection criteria, Pile helped us easily sort requirements into “must haves” and “nice to haves.” They then used a truly unique process to evaluate agency submissions, including 10-minute video introductions to agency teams. Ingenious! The process could not have been more efficient, especially for our VP of Marketing, Content & Communications, who runs on a very tight schedule.

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Performance evaluations involve mutual feedback and assessment, problem solving, action plans, and follow-up.
Senior Vice President, Marketing Communications

Comcast has worked with Pile and Company since 2007. Among other things, Pile has conducted numerous agency reviews for us ranging from broad AOR assignments to specialty marketing and niche assignments. Pile also conducts annual performance evaluations across our entire roster of agencies and provides strategic counsel on strengthening these critical relationships.

We view our engagement with Pile as "always on," rather than limited to the specific agency selection process. With Pile, we have a structured—and constructive— agency evaluation process, with all of our agencies. The performance evaluations involve mutual feedback and assessment, problem solving, action plans, and follow-up. With this process, led by Pile, there are no "surprises" either for us or for our agencies. I feel confident that the agencies also value this process, as it strengthens our teams and keeps us all focused on great work.

Allowed us to get a really good perspective on what it would be like to work with the agency.
US Marketing Manager

The Pile process allowed us to get a really good perspective on what it would be like to work with the agency and great insight into the agency's full capabilities. We are so happy with the outcome of our review and know that we made a great decision because of this process.

I highly recommend Pile as a partner in the complex process of agency search.

Pile was instrumental in helping Mazda find the right agencies capable of supporting our ambitious brand development plans.

Right from the start, they worked with us to clarify our goals and expectations. Pile was invaluable in limiting our search to only those agency candidates that were culturally compatible and capable of delivering on our specific needs, saving valuable time and resources. The end result was a truly successful review and selection process that has helped Mazda establish an infrastructure for a more successful future.

It was wonderful working with Pile. They took the very daunting process of finding a new agency and made it very easy.
Director of Marketing

Pile really kept us on track. They challenged us with great questions about each agency, but most of all they kept our team focused. I love the organizational tools that Pile provided, which enabled us to really evaluate every agency on a level playing field.

Perhaps the most valuable part of working with Pile was that they really became a part of our team here at Weight Watchers. They made sure that they understood our business inside and out. It was like having another team member that was focused solely on getting us to hire the right new agency.

Given the time and energy it takes to find a new advertising or marketing agency, it was really helpful to have Pile in the room as a true partner, to help pose the right questions, and evaluate each agency with the appropriate lens. I would absolutely recommend Pile and Company to anybody looking for a new agency.

Pile really challenged us to think hard about what we needed in an agency partner.
VP, Marketing

T.J. Maxx hired Pile and Company to conduct an agency search for us. The process and the results were terrific. Pile and Company came forward with a process and a recommendation that were a combination of best practices, and honed in on exactly what should be covered in an agency review. They also looked into our needs and were willing to customize the process so it would work best for our culture and very aggressive timeline.

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We selected Pile because of their expertise in the industry.
Director of Brand Excitement

I would absolutely recommend Pile to anyone going through the agency selection process. They brought a level of expertise and process to the selection review that assisted us in finding the perfect agency for our brand. It was not a cookie-cutter approach. It was really a customized search based on the needs of Baskin Robbins, and we ended up with an agency that fit not only our business needs, but our brand personality and culture.

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Pile's process was evidence-based and, in my view, unimpeachable.
National Vice President,
Corporate Communications

We had to go back to market for a public relations agency of record and a national advertising agency of record. Given such a daunting challenge in terms of time and scope, we knew we needed outside assistance to help us secure the very best agency talent to line up with our needs, and frankly, our culture. We found that in Pile and Company.

Pile ran the assignment for us from soup to nuts. They were incredibly capable, professional, discreet, and always objective. Their process was evidence-based and, in my view, unimpeachable. Pile has the experience, the connections, and its fingers on the pulse of the agency community from coast-to-coast.

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Pile was actively involved in each step.
Director, Global Media
Pile and Company managed our U.S. media review. We've worked with other consultants, but Pile's approach offered multiple exposures to the finalist agencies, which was very important to us. That really allowed us to see what it would be like to work with them and also to really get to know the team that would work on our business. Pile was actively involved in each step and therefore able to keep us focused and on track. They were able to bring their industry knowledge to the table as we were making the decision. We definitely ended up with the right choice.
Their people and process deliver insight and fairness to all parties involved.
Chief Marketing Officer

I've chosen to work with Pile and Company twice due to the people and the process.

The Pile team goes further than taking on the day-to-day management of an agency review. They help navigate the agency landscape. Pile brings to the table not-so-obvious candidates, helps efficiently evaluate and determine a solid pool of agencies, and quickly enables a forum in which to talk to and get to know the shops.

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Pile opened my eyes to a completely different approach to agency search.
Vice President, Marketing

When we started working together, Pile and Company opened my eyes to a completely different approach to agency search. I come from over twenty years of agency experience and thought, "This is simple. I'm just going to call a couple of friends, bring some people in, and make some decisions."

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Pile's process helps secure buy-in and consensus.
Chief Marketing Officer

We completed two searches through Pile in six months—one with our advertising agency of record and the other with our public relations agency for North America. In the past, the biggest challenge I’ve had when it comes to finding agency partners is the bidding process. It’s very complicated, very time consuming, and often times you are not able to understand whom the agencies truly are until after you’ve hired them. The beauty of working through Pile’s Agency Selection process is that the Pile team finds all of the potential candidates and helps narrow the field, but then we are able to discover the capabilities and depth of the teams within the agencies.

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The process resulted in a great match.
Senior Director, Corporate and Marketing Communications

I've worked with Pile on several agency searches. Pile brings two key pieces to the agency selection process.

The first is their expertise. The Pile team is knowledgeable about the most effective means of conducting an agency search and the latest news in the agency world. It is this expertise that enabled us to conduct a very thorough search during a time when our internal resources were limited.

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The Pile team guides you from start to finish.
Chief Marketing Officer

After an eight-year partnership with an agency we found through a Pile and Company agency review, we returned to Pile to help us find our next agency. Pile's process is well organized, in-depth, and the Pile team guides you from start to finish. Pile ensures that every agency stays on a level playing field by providing equitable access to information, insight, and preferences.

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