Agency Performance Evaluation

Pile and Company’s Agency Performance Evaluation helps clients manage their agency relationship and investment by answering two questions—Is my relationship with the agency as strong as it could be? Am I getting what I pay for?
Even if you have a quantitative assessment or procurement “scorecard” in place, Pile’s biannual evaluation augments existing processes with qualitative research, third-party mediation and an action plan, promoting tangible improvement of all client-agency relationships—healthy or not.
Evaluations are tailored by client need, but often include:
Recommendations based on industry best practices and nearly 30 years of client-agency relationship consulting
Third-party mediation and facilitation of feedback
Quantitative and qualitative research and findings from both the client and agency sides
A state of the relationship summary
An evaluation of agency resources against the staffing plan, if needed
A review of billing including production actuals vs forecast, if needed
An action plan outlining areas of development and concrete next steps
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