Agency Compensation

Clients and agencies have a vested interest in long-term, well-balanced contractual agreements. However, between procurement, agency consolidation and general cost cutting, the business of establishing fair compensation has become increasingly complex.
Pile and Company's Agency Compensation draws from experience on both the client and agency-side of financial arrangements, providing expertise in the economics and management of partnership contracts.
Present market-proven compensation methodologies that align with client's objectives, budgets and agency talent requirements while recognizing the value of agency contributions
Validate client's comp plan, contract and production costs via industry best practices and benchmarks (e.g. market-driven agency salaries)
Evaluate, discuss, negotiate, reach alignment and execute fair and transparent agency compensation
Offer alternatives, where possible, that provide a long-lasting fix to broken comp plans
Provide insight into how costs and contracts differ by agency type (e.g. digital versus traditional)
Specialize in reviewing existing contracts for client and agency bias to ensure fairness, client protection and minimal risk
Evaluate and provide practical "business elements" language by working with procurement and legal client teams
Versed in the best language for client and agency obligations, termination of projects, audit rights, ownership, licenses, billing and compensation
Financial Relationship Management:
Provide counsel and mediation to marketing, procurement and agency financial teams
Offer expertise in the development of high performance client-side teams (marketing, media, finance, procurement, legal, operations) responsible for managing agency contracts, compensation, performance measurements and audits
Successfully integrate procurement professionals into client-agency relationships with focus on cost controls and year/year savings
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