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Given the dynamic nature of the marketing communications business, managing client-agency relationships is a challenging, ongoing process. Regular assessment of what's working, what's not and why is essential to ensuring clients and agencies are clear on expectations and committed to the partnership.
Pile and Company's Agency Performance Evaluation optimizes the relationships between our clients and their agencies by examining how they are working together. We facilitate assessment and feedback, with a particular emphasis on focus, process and communication—the keys to the creation of effective work.
Our Performance Evaluation practice applies to all agency types: advertising, media, direct marketing, digital, multi-cultural, sales promotion, public relations and more. Our process includes customized client-agency surveys, interviews with key contacts, synthesis of data and a facilitated presentation of findings. The outcome is a Relationship Action Plan that confirms efforts, outlines challenges and identifies opportunities agreed upon by both parties. Pile and Company's third-party perspective brings clear recommendations resulting in:
Shared Focus
Clarity around expectations for both clients and agencies
Efficient and effective processes to meet these expectations
Return on investment – knowing that the client and its agency partners are doing everything possible, strategically and tactically, to create work that will have an impact in the marketplace
To learn more about Agency Performance Evaluation, please contact us or call 617.587.3937.
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