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In a discipline where the right person can reinvent a brand, modernize processes and boost the bottom line, hiring the right marketing team is perhaps one of the most important decisions a company can make.
Pile and Company's Executive Search brings over two decades of experience to marketing organizations in need of executive-level and senior-level professionals—from Chief Marketing Officer to VP of Digital Marketing to Director of Analytics. It is our highly networked role within marketing, advertising and communications staffing, along with our deep-rooted connection to marketing and advertising as a whole that has resulted in longstanding relationships with leading brands and top talent.
By focusing solely on the nuances and needs of marketing recruitment as well as continuously building our professional network, we serve as a key resource for hiring managers and jobseekers. Our one-to-one approach coupled with our understanding of this industry enables us to make the right match for the role and the organization. It is this personalized approach and expertise that has resulted in clients becoming repeat clients and candidates becoming future clients.
To find out more about Pile and Company's Executive Search practice, or to submit your resume, please contact Christine Hickey or call 617.587.3962.
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Pile and Company provides agency search, agency performance evaluation, agency compensation, organizational consulting and executive search to global and national marketers.

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