Media Management

Clients are demanding greater transparency, explanation and accountability for their media investment. To effectively navigate the ever-changing media landscape and put the right processes in place to manage your media relationships, you need to work with an expert.
Pile Media Management offers third-party, independent counsel to our clients through:
30 years of experience with the media ecosystem in the U.S. and globally
Expertise in establishing and improving client-agency relationships
Negotiation of new or existing media contracts and SOWs to promote fair, transparent agency compensation, incentives and goals, as well as, measures that keep everyone accountable
Ongoing client counsel to provide a real understanding of the value being delivered by their media agencies
Guidance on the media landscape, which includes knowing the right questions to ask around effectiveness, conflicts of interest, viewability and fraudulent traffic
Help in creating clear objectives to measure media performance
Help in assessing measurement results to adapt future investment plans
Support in communicating media goals internally, across clients’ organizations, to justify investment levels and explain how impact will be measured
Offer an independent view of how clients can drive the most value through their media investments
Contact us or call Meghan McDonnell at 617.587.3937 to learn more.
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