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Over the course of our 25 years in the agency search business, Pile and Company has consulted on hundreds of reviews and encountered a multitude of reasons for selecting a new agency. Chemistry, lack of innovation and a change in marketing leadership remain prevailing factors. However, new factors such as bundling versus unbundling agency services, a blurring of media channels and a greater emphasis on results and data have emerged as marketers respond to evolving technologies, new ways of communicating and agency specialization.
Pile and Company's Agency Search practice brings deep experience, long-term industry presence and proven best practices to agency reviews, providing:
Client alignment on key selection criteria—the cornerstone of the agency review process
Consensus-building from executive management to procurement
A proven method for determining team chemistry, cultural fit and agency competencies
Real client-agency relationship experience through multiple exposures and workshops
Objective, third-party presence
Management of client-agency logistics
A customized process that accommodates specific client needs, agency types and timelines
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